Women Awareness Center Nepal

Earthquake Relief Update

On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. The earthquake had a devastating impact. On may 12th, 2015 a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck again while the country was still dealing with the tremors from the initial earthquake adding to the fatalities and casualties.

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Sustainability Scheme

WACN is now recognized nationally and internationally as a cost-effective and sustainable organization that works at the grass roots level to assist women in achieving socio-economic independence. WACN’s success is due to the strategic planning, vision, and passion of its staff and members. Its community-based model builds the knowledge and skills of community members, enabling them to engage in development work on their own primarily through the establishment of the cooperatives. Where WACN was once initiating development work, the community members are now using WACN's methods to execute their own development activities.  WACN's model has been adopted throughout the world because of its affordability to poor women. WACN also offers training courses to encourage the adoption of its model.