Women Awareness Center Nepal

Earthquake Relief Update

On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. The earthquake had a devastating impact. On may 12th, 2015 a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck again while the country was still dealing with the tremors from the initial earthquake adding to the fatalities and casualties.

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WACN engaged a team of independent evaluators to review its operations. The evaluators, Vijaya Shrestha and Krishna Lal Poudel, were highly complimentary of our operations, although they pointed out significant challenges that lie before us. Their report states, “A striking feature of WACN is sufficient anecdotal evidence to suggest that the stated aims of the WACN program including poverty alleviation, social and economic empowerment of women, increased opportunities for income generation and increased income at household level; increased gender awareness; better family relations; solidarity among women folks; women advocacy against social ills; growing participation at village level; development activities; sustainability of the co-operatives etc are generally being met.” They also concluded that our co-operatives have experienced success in empowering women, and called WACN “a ‘market leader’ in Nepal women's co-operatives.”