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Kathmandu, Nepal
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Community Based Development Programs (CBDP)

A variety of development activities are carried out through WACN’s integrated Community-Based Development Program (CBDP)

Alternative Economies through Women’s Savings and Credit Cooperatives

WACN encourages these informal groups of women to register as cooperatives, thereby allowing them to operate as a legal entity.

Child Specific Programs

WACN works with children laboring in Brick Factories around the Kathmandu Valley. The children migrate with their parents 6 months out of a year to work in Brick Factories.


The establishment of training and resource center has made WACN a leader in the field of community development and savings and credit schemes.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

To commercialize agriculture, trainings are provided on a regular basis. Not only does the program encourage women to take a more active role in agriculture, it also attracts men interested in improving their farming techniques, providing a space for women and men to work together.

Advocacy Networking

WACN is involved in advocacy activities at local, national and international levels. Women from project areas perform advocacy work on their own protesting violence against women.