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Success Stories

01Bamiya Chaudhari

Bamiya Chaudhari is a shareholer of Bachhauli Nari Chetana Co-operative. She was one of the two women that WACN sent for Biogas Plant training in Dang District.. At this time, society didn’t permit women to travel distances. But with the support of the women’s groups, she partcipated in the training and now she is an established technician, a job traditionally reserved for men. She now travels as far as remote District to install biogas plants. To date, she has installed about 300 plants, producing a steady income. She is proud of her ability, her self esteem is high and she is now facilitating training for other women. Biogas is able to substitute almost the complete consumption of firewood in rural households. Biogas use, replacing conventional fuels like kerosene or firewood, allows for the conservation of environment.

02Gamala Tamang

Gamala Tamang is a permanent resident of Pipaldada, Panchkal municipality of Kavre district. Gamala is 30 years old. She has 13 years old son, Abhishek Tamang. Gamala has been working in brick factory since she was 12 years old. When she was young she used to got to brick factory with her parents. Now she and her husband go to brick factory. Gamal said that it was very hard to sustain their living only on the wages they received from their work at the brick factory. Even during her pregnancy, she worked at the brick factory due to financial crisis in the family. She even gave birth to her son in brick factory itself. Life was very hard for her. She has to work in the in brick factoryfrom 2 am till 7 pm and sometimes till 10 pm. She had no alternative sources of income other than going to the brick factory. She did subsistence farming when she used to be back to her village for six months. There is scarcity of water in the village she lives. She has to walk for an hour to fetch water. Due to scarcity of water, she could not depend on her own farm produce and had to buy vegetables from the market.

In 2013, Gamala got the opportunity to particpate in Farmers Field School Program organized by Nari Chetana Kendra (NCK) in collaboration with World Education International. The training helped her to gain knowledge and skills on different farming techniques. She felt that the life has become easier than before after participating in the training. Now her farming and marketing skills has been enhanced. She has also opened a small vegetable stall on the road side where she sells her vegetables. She also collects vegetables from her sister and neighbours and sells them. From selling vegetables, she earned NRs. 70,000 in 3 months. NCK supported Gamala’s family in making plastic ponds for rain water collection, which helped her in irrigation. At present, Gamala not only collects the rain water but also the waste water from washing dishes and laundry. Gamala also makes organic natural fertilizers made of animal maure, l plants and other local resources. Participants who have participated in IPM training have formed a small women’s group of 23 members.Gamala is also working as an accountant in that group. From the women’s group members can take loan upto NRs. 5,000 with 12 percent interest rate. Before partcipating in BBF actiivties she used to take her son to the brick factory. Her son had to leave his studies for 6 months. He was also weak in his studies. Now that she can send him to school, she doesn’t take him to brick factory. She leaves him in the villlage with her relatives. He’s improving in his studies.

Gamala is happy with what she is doing. She said that the training has changed her life and opened new avenues for her. She has now become fianancially independent and has courage to do anything on her own. She also said that after paying all her debt she will stop going to the brick factory.

Gamala was also victim of the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015. Her house was tottally collapsed during the earthquake. Nari Chetana Kendra supported her by providing her zinc sheet. She has now constructed her house.